India's first AR

Integrated work book

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Magic Colouring
+ Activity book

India’s first AR integrated Workbook with 18+ activities, 16+ skills providing unique vocabulary and magic colouring where they visualise the same colour animal in the way they fill in.

Augmented Reality
learning Kit

Portable and affordable Augmented Reality based hands-on learning kit for kindergarten kids improving basic English language skills with real- time 3D visualisations.

Augumented Reality
Learning Kit (Special Kids)

Extended version of ‘Learn-o-little: Augmented Reality Learning Kit’ with sign language flashcards to allow special kids to learn from the same kit.


To augment the current abilities of individuals and teams in an effort to enhance what each of us is truly capable of. We strive to unleash the power of immersive technologies to allow people to move, think, see, hear, and perform tasks with greater understanding, speed, and precision. In turn, this enables a deeper connection with ideas, processes and concepts which ensures a deeper understanding and retention of target material and content, and an enhanced ability to put this increased knowledge to use.

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