Learn -O- Little Magic Colouring Activity Book


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Augmented Reality integrated workbook | Ages 3-5 | Free AR app | 18 activities | 16 basic skills | interesting facts | interactive | Unique vocabulary


Imagine you are in a family get-together. As usual, someone asks your kid the same old basic question “Hi kid ! What is A for?” Your kid answers “A for Alligator or A for Astronaut”. It is a large reptile with short legs, a long tail, tough skin, sharp teeth and a wide snout. Group of alligators is called a congregation. It is a carnivore. It’s baby is called a hatchling. When floating almost completely underwater, it can still breathe and see what’s going on with its 2 sets of eyelids. His/her answer will definitely raise some eyebrows and come as a surprise to everyone around you as everyone would expect A for apple or ant to this. Wouldn’t it make you a proud parent there? Learn -O- Little Magic Colouring Activity Book is a one stop solution that not only provides unique vocabulary building but also 17 more activities that would improve your kids’ must-have 16 skills. Learn alphabet formation, tracing, pronunciation, shapes, counting, colouring, and build unique vocabulary to improve basic must-have skills like motor skills, pencil control, critical thinking, creativity and many more. Augmented reality (AR) is the emerging technology that gives the ability to blend digital technologies with the real world environment making it interactive and immersive.


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